Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about a new project that caught my attention. This is the trading platform “Kattana”.

The project looks promising. Why?
Because this application allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on DEX and CEX using a complete set of trading tools previously only available in CeFi. Technical analysis, portfolio management, automation of trading strategies and much more — a universal trading terminal.

Why does “Kattana” claim to be the most versatile platform?

  1. Focus on what brings profit when all trading tools you need live in one place.
    >Top-Rate charting and TA instruments to stay on the edge of the market;
    >Trading functionality you won’t find on crypto-exchanges;
    >Portfolio management and aggregated news sources, to keep track of the market in general and your crypto assets in particular.
  2. Manual trade management is annoying. Smart order types will cut losses and fix profits automatically while you sleep.
    >Stop-Loss and take profit order types that exchanges don’t offer;
    >Works with 40+ exchanges and all available trading pairs;
  3. Key tools and capabilities that will help you have the advantage needed to crush all the existing crypto markets;
    Powerful enough for a top pro, easy enough for a casual trader.

The future of DEX trading with Kattana — 3 types of limit orders

1.Limit market order

A limit market order is a conditional order, where the user sets the desired sell/buy price, and when that specified price is triggered the asset is sold/bought at the market price.

This type of order enables users to guarantee the fulfillment of the desired buy/sell action at the specified price to minimize the probability of surprises.

2.Limit order

A limit order is a conditional order, where the order to buy/sell assets are set at a price that’s no higher/lower than specified.

This type of order is made to protect users from buying at a high price or selling at a low one.

It is not meant for a specific user but rather for the arbitrage traders that will fill it*, to collect a small fee on top of the deal value.

*= The fulfillment of the orders is not guaranteed in times of high volatility.

3.CE-DE limit order

A CE-DE limit order is a symbiosis of decentralized and centralized environments, whereby simply using a button, users will have the possibility to buy/sell the specified asset on a centralized exchange without having to make a deposit on that exchange and to make exchanges at a substantial high pace with no extra steps.

Kattana is everything a trader would need, understandable easy to use features that form a bigger picture, that symbolizes the exclusive added value that we are bringing into this decentralized trading space.

Just imagine, all we need is in one application.

I urge you to take a closer look at this project, I am sure that it will not leave you indifferent.